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How I Play It Videos - written music and tabs are included with detailed instructional videos which will show you the most important points for learning the arrangements that I play on YouTube.

The Following selections are available:
1. Bond Theme
2. Speak Softly Love (Theme from the Godfather)
3. Paint It Black
4. Dust In The Wind
5. Mission Impossible
6. The Shape of My Heart
7. Mad World
8. Hotel California
9. He's A Pirate
10. The Medallion Calls
11. El Condor Pasa
12. Chop Suey
13. Malaguena
14. Carol of the Bells
15. Ho Hey

Each selection is divided into several segments, the amount of segments and run time of each vary depending on the arrangement, the amount of variations, level of difficulty etc... for example the "Shape of My Heart" has seven segments. 
These arrangements range from difficult to extremely difficult so if you are a beginner this is not a good place to start.

Techniques to Master the Guitar contains detailed videos which will give you the material and exercises needed to develop the technique required to play the type of arrangements that I have in the "How I Play It Videos" and on YouTube. So far in this section I have the following:
  1. "Intro to Finger Picking" this section has six detailed video lessons for beginners or intermediate students who are not familiar with the technique of finger picking and covers how to pick broken chord rhythms. There is also a trouble shooting video that covers the most common problems people have when learning this technique.
  2. "Alternate Finger Combinations" so far there are fourteen detailed video lessons for beginner to intermediate players that teach how to use the various right hand finger combinations as well as trouble shooting videos which covers the most common problems people have when learning this technique.
3. "Alternate Finger Combinations Advanced" Contains detailed video lessons so you can learn and develop the techniques required to become an advanced player.
  4. "Scales - Major and Relative Minor in Long Form" these types of scales are absolutely necessary in the development of the right and left hand technique for any one who wants to become a master of the instrument. So far I have the four following scales demonstrated for the left hand: C major, A melodic minor, G major, E melodic minor.
If you're a beginner it is possible that you can start here.
If you're an intermediate player this is a section that will give you the give you the material to increase your skills.

Complete Basic Rhythm Course
for the Guitar
contains detailed videos that teach the most basic technique of strumming and reading rhythmic notation. This is a course I wrote in the early 1990's to teach beginners as quickly as possible how to strum so they could play and sing their favorite songs as well as gaining an understanding of timing and rhythm that can be applied to single note riffs and soloing. So far there are more than a hundred detailed videos in this section including trouble shooting videos that deal with the most common problems people have when learning this technique.
If you're a beginner this could be a good place to start if you can hold down some basic chords. Even if your chords don't sound good it doesn't matter, the main focus in the course is moving the strumming arm in the correct manner, your chords will get better as you continue to play.
If you're an intermediate player and never had any formal rhythmic training you may find this course very useful to hone your rhythmic skills.

Classical for Beginner to Intermediate
Learning classical is a great way to develop the best technique for finger style guitar and this is also the next step after the course How to Read Music. Through detailed video instruction the lessons in this course are designed to take you from the beginning stages of technical development through intermediate pieces.

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Erin, 7 years old playing "That's Alright Mama".

Louis Fox, 8 years old Performing Folsom Prison Blues.

Caleb, 16, learning classical guitar and demonstrates his skill on his favorite rock tunes (5 videos).

Dillon Taylor, 20, Professional Guitarist (4 videos).

Sylvia, web cam student.

Scott Dotterer, 16, ACDC "You Shook Me" solo

Sabrina Carpenter, 10, amazing performance!
(2 videos)

Mike Manning, 17, Playing "Wonderwall" by Oasis.

Ryan Schulberger, 14, rockin' to one of his favorites!

Karley, 10, strumming the chords to Monster Mash!

Kyle, 13, within a year playing classical guitar and his favorite rock tunes.

Cody Hunsberger, 12, plays "Classical Gas" and study in A minor by Carcassi (2 videos).

Steve Taylor, 24, performing original song.

McKenna, 8, strumming and  singing Jingle Bells.

Ryan, 8 years old is learning to read music and one year later is learning his favorite songs (2 videos).

Brian Yateman, 11, plays "Pipeline".

Danny Guerra, 16, jamming on the blues.

Jared Kiser, 13, strumming and singing (3 videos)

The DiBlasi Brothers Blues Jam, Nick, 15, on bass and Anthony, 13, on guitar.

Josh McHugh, 17, recording original song.

Anthony DiBlasi 13, jamming with Ed Kihm

Stephanie Tompkins, 15, plays the intro to  "Crazy on You" by Heart.

Aaron Jorgensen, 17, plays "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley.

James Gerhart, 9, strumming and singing.

Dan Mullan, 17, learning classical

Nigel Gitone, 17, picking and strumming to "Hurt" by Johnny Cash.

Gavin, 6, learning how to strum.

Anthony DiBlasi, 13, likes to play the blues.

Anthony Direnzo, 11, is learning how to strum.

More About edkihm.com
My site is a work in progress, I'm always working on new content for the site so all of the sections I described above will be added to from time to time. You can subscribe any time you like and renew any time as well, I send a reminder five days prior to expiration and its up to each individual to renew. I don't have recurring billing and I don't twist arms for renewal, it's up to me to get more content up to the site as much as possible so I always do my best in making the highest quality videos. All videos are uncompressed for the best possible visual and audio quality so the faster your computer the better. The videos work basically the same as they do on YouTube so you may have to allow for a little down load time.

Web Cam Lessons
I also have live web cam lessons and they work really well, I have students in other states as well as other countries.

I am a guitar teacher
I don't have any gimmicks or outrageous claims like "you'll be a guitar hero by tomorrow" or "become the ultimate riff master in a day". I offer detailed instruction for the development of technical skill and mastery of the guitar for those individuals who are willing to put in the effort to learn. Learning any instrument is a work in progress that takes a life time.

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