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How I Play It Videos
written music and tabs are included with detailed instructional videos which will show you the most important points for learning the arrangements that I play on YouTube.

Techniques To Master The Guitar
contains detailed videos which will give you the material and exercises needed to develop the technique required to play the type arrangements in the "How I Play It Videos".

Complete Basic Rhythm Course
for Guitar

contains detailed videos that teach the most basic technique of strumming and reading rhythmic notation.

Classical for Beginner to Intermediate
Learning classical is a great way to develop the best technique for finger style guitar. This is also the next step after the course How to Read Music


Free Lessons for Beginners  

How to Read Music - This course is a great place for beginners to start or if you want to learn how to read standard notation and tab, there are a lot of easy step by step exercises to get your fingers moving.
It also covers the following:
Rudiments of Music - Explanation of standard notation, the lines and spaces of the staff, different types of notes, rests and time signatures.
How to Read TAB - Explanation of TAB and how it's used with standard notation.
Basic Technique - Seven very important videos which cover how to sit with an acoustic or electric guitar, how to hold a pick, picking a single string and things to avoid.
The Fretboard - Learn how the fretboard works with the seven natural notes in music, no sharps or flats yet.
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